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SecurityScorecard meets Mitratech's Alyne Solution

Combining SecurityScorecard’s powerful external vendor analysis with Alyne’s in depth inside analysis of your suppliers creates a true 360 degree risk view of organisations supporting your value creation.

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What is SecurityScorecard? 

SecurityScorecard is a security rating platform that enables enterprises to instantly rate and understand the security risk of companies, non-intrusively and from an outside-in perspective, using an A-F rating scale. Companies with a C, D, or F rating are 5.4 times more likely to be breached or face compliance penalties than companies with an A or B rating.

The data gathered by SecurityScorecard on vendors is based on security issue findings across 10 risk factor groupsNetwork Security, DNS Health, Patching Cadence, Endpoint Security, IP Reputation, Web Application Security, Cubit Score, Hacker Chatter, Information Leak and Social Engineering. 


A Powerful Vendor Risk Management Solution

The automatic and continuously updated cyber security ratings on vendors enable organisations to understand their security posture and make informed business decisions. Incorporating the powerful SecurityScorecard technology into Alyne by Mitratech, provides another way to analyse your vendors, through automation and deeper report insights.

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Managing Vendor Risk - Steps & Success Factors

Learn more about our 6 step solution to managing vendor risk, with the combined power of SecurityScorecard's automatic vendor risk ratings.

Ready for Launch? 
  • MINIMAL EFFORT: The integration is entirely taken care of within Alyne. (No need to call on your IT Department).
  • EASY INTEGRATION: Works seamlessly with all of your existing data integrations.
  • ALWAYS ACTIVE: Data on your vendors is updated automatically and consistently.

Alyne Customers

For existing customers, it’s a simple phone call to your customer success contact to include SecurityScorecard in your Alyne instance.


New Customers

New customers can hit the ground running leveraging instant cyber data from SecurityScorecard and Alyne’s out-of-the-box content to launch your Assessment campaigns.